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Few Apps To Replacing Libraries For Reading Horses

What can you be sure to find on a bookmaker’s mobile? E-books, of course. E-books that can be read on the go, in the train, in the queue in the supermarket and all sorts of other places where it is not entirely possible to pull a brick novel.

But there are apps that are useful for book threats. I even have several apps installed that make my reading life a little easier – either by inspiring me to the next book, giving me an overview of my home library or opportunities to share my reading experiences with others. If you also love reading gadgets, read here where I recommend six essential apps for reading horses.

Get inspiration for your reading club – or join an online reading club

Are you in a reading club? Or do you dream of being it? Then Lindhardt and Ringhof’s action and app associated with it is just for you.

For this year, we pay tribute to the reading clubs and readers who want to share their reading experiences. We have selected a book for each month that we read and discuss jointly in an open Facebook group, and we have created an app for you who would like to be inspired and challenged on your reading.

READING CLUB is an indispensable app for bogies. The app gives you the latest book news, exclusive videos with writers and publishers, book trailers, reading guides, offers and much more! Perfect for inspiration for your reading club – or just your reading!

A book recommendation in your pocket

You probably know Goodreads, right? Goodreads is a great site where you can create a user, add books you’ve read or would like to read as well as read and write reviews and interact with other users. It’s an excellent community for reading horses – and it’s just good pastime.

Of course, Goodreads also has an app. It does not have all the site’s functions but it is quite nice for the quick overview. I find for example. The app is indispensable for when I am in the bookstore and considering buying a book. It is so easy to check other people’s reviews on the app and thereby assess whether the book will be read.

Instagram for buggy

Litsy is an amazing app that can best be described as a kind of Instagram for bogies. It’s an app for reading horses where you can both post books, share quotes and upload photos of your favorite books. And best of all, you can follow other readers and get their best book recommendations.

The app is adapted to the fast pace we often have on the phone. There is no room for long reviews and well-written lines: instead, the app uses what you can call reading clips. Pictures of books, recommendations or reviews on 2-3 lines and quotes.

Keep track of your home library

Are you (also) sometimes in a bookstore with a book in your hand that you cannot recall if you have a copy of or not? Or are you sometimes asked by friends and family whether to borrow a book that you cannot remember if you have given away or still own? Don’t worry! Libib is your rescue app .

Libib is actually just a database. Here you can start a “collection” and add all books in your collection so you can see exactly what your library contains. You can create a large library or you can divide your books into smaller categories – eg. criminals or cookbooks – to make it more manageable. Everything is possible!

Libib allows you to catalog your books with room for mini-reviews, notes and category. And if you own many English books, you can just scan their barcodes, and Libib automatically adds the book to your mobile library. That’s smart, isn’t it?